My faith life in the beginning was a struggle some and enjoyable one. I think it was around 1980. A situation arose, when my Co-workers in Christ and I had to go without meals for three days. With a notion, that God might allow such situations in the life of his ministers to give them training in the ministry, we gave less importance to it and ministered with Enthusiastically. All of a sudden one fine morning a Bible Teacher from Madras visited us. We were happy on seeing him, but felt very sorry for having nothing to give him. I received him with love and asked him to take rest. Meanwhile to my fellow workers, I asked whether there was anything at home to prepare some fast food. We had few onions, some dried chilies and some flour, but no oil. We needed some oil costing 50 paise (50 paise means half of one Rupee). For this we needed faith.

With an empty bottle in my hand I started walking towards the shop to purchase oil. With no paise, with no intention of getting money from others and with an empty bottle, went out with my  Co-worker. Suddenly I heard a voice calling out to us. To my surprise it was a teacher, who used to bless us with some offerings every month. She called us to pray for her prayer request. After my prayer I thought today she is going to help me by offering. But it was a painful and Shameful experience that I received nothing on that day. With broken heart and less strength we started walking. On the way, a Hindu brother running a cycle mart happened to meet us. He requested us to visit his house to bless his business and his family. We were already weak without food and I felt giddy. But  I strengthened myself, blessed the family and left the house. While I left the house the Hindu brother asked me where are you going? I said that I was going to purchase oil and moved quickly. Immediately the brother said that he had a tin full of oil, which I can take. It was a prestigious issue for me, for I had never accepted anything from anyone to meet my needs. Thus I refused it. But the brother ran to me, caught my hands strongly, and said, “The oil you need today is here”, and he started filling my bottle. By that oil we prepared simple fast food for our Guest. Yes, the Lord was sure enough to meet even the oil costing 50 paise without debts. I was astonished about the ways of our Lord. In my life this was the first Divine help that I received. From that day I am depending on God for everything. Our God is good for all my life. May this testimony encourage you in your faith life!