Life Centre in Cities & Villages through Network

The ministry focus of the CFM is reaching the unreached people of downtrodden villages in India. CFM’S 205 Network Churches works out this focus across the southern states of India. The Gospel message is carried to the villages through the ministries of the CFM – Network Pastors who are having strong discipleship training by us. When entering a village for the first time our Network Pastors works to build relationships and identify opportunities to share the Gospel. With acceptance and approval of the village leader, our network pastor is able to work openly and anxiously to win new souls and baptize people into the Kingdom of God. New believers must first show their understanding and commitment to Christ as the one and only true God. Prior to being baptized a believer is asked to make at least one other disciple to the Lord. Monthly seminars and General conferences are conducted in the CFM Headquarters by Rev.D.Ellis William to equip the Regional leaders and Network Pastors in strong discipleship teachings. These Regional leaders will initiate all the teachings in their regions. Thus, our 205 Network Churches are growing in this structure. Our main Church is established at Trichy City.